The sequence is as follows: first you choose the theme you like and you will make some drafts on the paper. Then you will transfer the drawing to the linoleum, with the special cutters of engraving you will begin to engrave. Finally, in the end, and with our help, it will be inked and printed in 10 copies either by hand or by press. The Artemis Studio workshop has everything you need, pencils, linoleum, engraving cutters, ink and cardboard. All you need to have is appetite and casual clothes. You can print some copies on regular papers so they can be framed, or in smaller card-postale ready for you to send them wherever you want. After the lab, along with your copies, you will also get the uterus to reprint it as many times as you want in the future! If someone can bring with him a draft of his idea - he will be welcome!